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      Whether you are seeking general computer literacy, increased user-confidence, job-related specific software training, or mastery of a specific skill, we can help.  

Our classes and training materials do more than just show the mechanics of a function: they help you understand "how" and "why", helping you to get it done in the simplest, most efficient way. 

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Advanced Levels Available











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Individual Lessons

Select a class from our program below. We provide printed class materials to take home. 

$50 @ 1 1/2 hour course

Group Lessons

1 1/2 hrs @ course

$40 per person (group of two)

$30 per person (group of three)

Household Discount Available

Business Training

We can help increase your employees' productivity.  Customized curriculum to meet 

your company's needs. 

For pricing, contact Sandra


We can assist you with any specific software, function or skill.  

$30 per student @ one hour class


Depending on previous computer experience, each course may take longer to complete

Other subjects available upon request


Introduction to Windows (XP) -  PRE-REQUISITE

What is Windows?

How does it make my software and hardware work together?

What can I do with Windows, and how do I use it?

How does it help me work with other programs and Internet?

How can I organize my personal data, pictures and music?

What other programs come with Windows?


If you wish to go further (Intermediate, Advanced):

Customizing Windows, Using the Control Panel, Creating and Managing User Accounts, and more!


Introduction to Word Processing (WordPad, Word)

What is a Word Processor, and how does it work?

How can I type, edit, format and print text?

How can I save my document and use it again?  

What other functions can make my work easier?


If you wish to go further (Intermediate, Advanced):

Working with Multiple Documents, Headers and Footers, Tabs, Working with Pictures, Columns, Tables, Mail Merge, and more!


Introduction to Spreadsheets

What is a spreadsheet, and how does it work?

How can I work with numbers and formulas?

How can I type, edit and format text and numbers?

How can I print and save spreadsheets to use again?


If you wish to go further (Intermediate, Advanced):

Absolute and Relative Addresses, Working with Multiple Sheets, Sorting Data, Three-dimensional Formulas, Charts, Cell Protection


Digital Photography

How do I take pictures with a digital camera?

How do the camera and computer interface?

Which programs can I use to see, edit and print my pictures?

How can I make a computer slideshow to view on the screen?

How can I set them as Background or Screen Saver?  


If you wish to go further (Intermediate, Advanced):

Using Microsoft PhotoDraw

Using Adobe Photoshop


Introduction to Internet

What is the Internet?

What useful features does it offer?

How can I access and ‘surf’ the Internet?

What do I have to do to get and send E-mail?


If you wish to go further (Intermediate, Advanced):

Subscribing to Internet Service Providers, Configuring Internet Connections, FTP (File Transfer Protocol)



What is involved in having a web page?

How can I make my own simple web page?

How can I have it on the internet – free!  


If you wish to go further (Intermediate, Advanced):

Using Microsoft FrontPage, Acquiring a Domain Name and Hosting Service, Search Engines, Managing a Web Site


Desktop Publishing

Which programs can I use to prepare a flyer, brochure, business card, or an ad to promote my business?

How do I prepare an attractive format?

What is the easiest way to include pictures and other graphical elements?

How can I get it ready to print, whether I do it myself or send it to a print shop?


If you wish to go further (Intermediate, Advanced):

Using Microsoft Publisher

Using Adobe PageMaker



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