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Group Lessons
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Group Lessons
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Group Lessons

Art Lessons

Whether you are just beginning or are an accomplished artist, there's always something new to learn! Let your creativity find form through new medias.

For adults and serious young artists only. For pricing and special group programs, contact Susan.

Susan, Artist and Instructor, Dover and Plant City FL

Susan Howard

Individual Lessons

Group Lessons

Sip and Paint

Which Media is for You?

2009 Susan Howard
2009 Susan Howard


Proper sketching is the basis of good art. Learn to sketch things as they are and not as you think they are. Learn gradating, vantage point, eyes and hand sketching, and much more!

2009 Susan Howard


Relatively inexpensive and easy to use, pastels are great for portraits. They are also a perfect base for mix media art -- pastels and watercolors: a match made in art heaven!

2009 Susan Howard


A challenging yet very rewarding media. Learn to harness the power of water and the simple secrets that make colors come to life in the transparency of it.

2009 Susan Howard


If patience is not your strong suit, Acrylics are for you. Discover the vibrancy of acrylics and open up possibilities to modern and prolific painting.

2009 Susan Howard


If portraits and realistic paintings are your preference, discover the blending power of oils.

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